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Subject: Would you like $14,000 off of my private flagship program?
Yes, you read that right.

Today… I'm actually offering you the chance to gain lifetime access to my private trainings on how to hear from the angels for $14,000 off, plus priceless bonuses. You'll see at the end of the page, but don't scroll down yet...
Please note: since quite a lot of my personal time is involved with this offer, I’ve limited this opportunity to just 15 spaces on a first come first served basis.

If for some weird reason these spaces aren’t snapped up instantly, then this offer will expire when the timer at the top of this page hits zero.
Now... there's obviously an extremely good reason why I’m making this crazy offer to you today – I’ll tell you about it in a few moments.

First, let me walk you through exactly what you’re getting today if you decide to take me up on this opportunity.
SSSHHH!  Can You Keep a Secret?
When my mom died, I wanted to learn how to communicate with her again. I was so bereaved.

I quit my job. 

I signed up for a class to learn how to hear from the angels.

And after investing all this time, money and energy… I couldn't see, hear, feel or know anything during the class. I was so embarrassed.

I got absolutely nothing.
How Do We Hear From The Angels?
After investing so much (my husband thought it was crazy that I was doing it!)...

I was completely committed that on my own, I would figure out how to make this work. 

I would figure out how to get clients and understand exactly what the angels are conveying to me and what everything meant.

It became my mission to be able to show other people how and to specifically show them how to know EXACTLY what the angels were saying to them.

It was so excruciating to take a course like this and to hear nothing from them so once I was able to hear everything - I became completely clear that the angels were telling me to show YOU how to do this for you too.

So I started to give Angel Readings… 

There's a reason why the best people in this field call me the real deal. 

And it's because of a specific set of practices, inquiries, and ways to listen and to decipher things that allow me to get results for clients. 

And after years of being one of the highest paid Angel Readers in the world, I decided to no longer keep this just for my highest-level clients.

The angels had told me that this information, during this exceedingly important moment in time, must be heard by the generations. 

So for the very first time, I'm making some very specific set of tools and secrets available to you…
In Addition to My Flagship Program, to Leave No Stone Unturned, I’m Also Going to Give You...
(1) An Archangel Chart

This is radically different than what anyone has ever shown you before. If you've bought inexpensive Angel reading decks, sessions or courses from novice Angel readers, this one piece will show you what's radically different here. 

(2) The Secrets Nobody Tells You 

In a world of uncovering what the angels are saying to you, you have to be able to decipher specifically what thoughts mean. 

I remember a moment where a mother had called me because she was afraid for the life of her son. And had I not known how to interpret specifics, who knows in that moment, the outcome may have been very different. This is the level of reading that most people don't even now.

(3) How to do a Real Reading 

Beyond you solely receiving messages for yourself and tuning into the divine, many of you will want to be able to do readings for friends, families, or maybe you want to talk to your mother who's on the other side.

In addition to the basics, I will show you exactly how you can begin to do readings for others. 
(***This is not my certification program. If you are wanting to become a Certified Angel Reader, we absolutely can show you how to build a business without having to do any of the technical pieces and building an audience for yourself, you can email if you want information on that.)
Here's a Sneak Peak at What's Included...
Module 1: Find Out Your Intuitive Superpowers!
Angels, Intuition, and Daily Practices
This class provides an overview of angels and their various roles.
Students will be given the opportunity to explore their individual clair communication styles through fun activities, such as testing which modality is strongest for them (clairvoyance seeing, clairaudience hearing, clairsentience feeling, or claircognizance knowing). 

The second portion of the course focuses on getting in touch with angels and guides. Students will learn tips and techniques for calling on angelic support along with daily practices such as morning intention setting and meditation, clearing and shielding meditation, and dream journaling. 

Students who complete this class will have a better understanding of how to communicate with their angelic helpers.
Module 2: Avoid Failure And Frustration! Do This First!
Setting Up Your Sacred Space and Rules Of Engagement
This class will show you how to set up an effective and powerful dedicated space for communication. 

You will learn the type of space that works best and how to cleanse it of unwanted energy, as well as steps to create a positive mindset within it. 

You will be introduced to daily affirmations to help raise your vibrational frequency, plus rules of engagement (who, what, when, how, and why) that should be considered when practicing communication with the divine. 

Finally, you will be given tips on recognizing signs and divine guidance, as well as how to use your gifts responsibly while respecting free will at all times.
Module 3: Exact Steps To Tune In!
Communication Protocol and Exercises
An introduction to ART - Ask, Record, and Thank! 

This class is designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to receive and acknowledge a message from angels, as well as take action when a message is received. 

Through this class, we will cover topics such as how to interpret a message from an angel, different ways that angels may communicate with you, and exercises to increase your understanding of angel communication. 

You will get the chance to practice communication with angels as well as reflect on any messages that they have sent you recently. 

By the end of this class, you will get answers on demand, on command, immediately!
Module 4: Required Tools You Don’t Have To Purchase
Energy, Chakras, Auras
This class will examine how energy connects to everything in our lives. 

We will explore vibrational frequencies and learn how they play a role in connecting us to each other, to the universe, and to our environment. 

We will discuss the seven chakras and how we may use them for personal development. 

Finally, we will explore auras and their different layers to understand how they can provide insight into ourselves and our connection to the world around us. 

Throughout this course, you will understand how energy permeates every aspect of life and what you can do to tap into it.
Module 5: Meet The Archangel Helping You Right Now!
This class offers an in-depth look into the realm of Archangels. 

We will explore who the 15 Archangels are, what their purpose is, and how they can help us in our everyday life. 

We will discuss the meanings associated with each Archangel and learn the various ways to communicate with them. 

We will also delve into Archangel meditation, providing a guided meditation exercise for participants to create a deeper connection with the Archangels. 

By the end of this class, you will have a better understanding of the role and power of these spiritual beings and how they can assist you along your spiritual journey.
Module 6: Discover Your Intuitive Superpowers
What Are Your Clairs?
This class is focused on practicing exercises that utilize the four clairs – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. 

Through these exercises, you will discover which clairs you naturally possess and learn how to use them daily to hone your superpowers. 

Through these practices, you will gain a better understanding of your intuitive abilities. 

By the end of this class, you will feel more confident in distinguishing each clair and gain a better understanding of how to tap into them. 
Module 7: What The Gut Instinct Is Really About!
This class will provide an introduction to the ability of clairsentience and how it can be used in daily life. 

We will explore the common signs that indicate a person is beginning to develop clairsentience and how they can increase their sensitivity. 

Additionally, we will discuss the importance of grounding and clearing energy and how to clear and shield your energy from negative influences. 

We will practice positive thinking and visualize energy being released from our bodies when needed. 

Finally, we will end with exercises designed to help cultivate clairsentience and heightened awareness. 

By the end of this class, you'll have a better understanding of clairsentience and how to access it for yourself!
Module 8: Here’s How You Just Know!
During this class, we will cover the basics of Claircognizance, teaching students how to use this ability in everyday life. 

You will learn the different signs of claircognizance, how to trust your first impressions, and practice an exercise to develop the gift. 

By the end of the class, you will be able to start your journey to identifying and cultivating claircognizance as a tool for gaining insight into past events and future decisions. 
Module 9: Start Seeing The Angels!
This class will provide insight and guidance into the art of clairvoyance. 

It will teach you how to interpret and relay messages that come through to you, as well as how to assign meaning and imagery to your angelic guides. 

Through this class, we will explore iconic symbols and use affirmations to enhance your gift. 

You will also be introduced to how angels and guides protect us, as well as various meditation and reading practices. 

By the end of the class, you should have a good understanding of clairvoyance and have the knowledge of how to start advancing your skill!
Module 10: Hearing Your Name Called? You’re Not Crazy!
In this class, we will discuss what clairaudience is like and how to recognize it as one of the most difficult clairs to develop. 

Through guided exercises, we will discover how messages come through and explore techniques for developing stronger inner listening abilities. 

By the end of this class, you will have a better understanding of your own clairaudience and the different ways you can learn how to use it. 
Plus, You'll Also Get These Bonuses:
Bonus 1: Archangel PDF
This handout will give you all information you need to know each angel’s calling card! Learn about their characteristics, colors, symbols and how they can help you in your everyday life.
Bonus 2: The Secrets Nobody Else Tells You!
This bonus class will teach you how to access and use meditation as a tool to build your energy. 

We'll explore various affirmations and mantras to help raise your vibration, as well as learn how to connect with others through energy. You'll also discover how to use spiritual tools such as cutting energetic cords. 

By the end of this course, you'll have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary for connecting to the highest good and using positive energies for personal growth.
Bonus 3: How To Do A Real Reading!
This class will teach you the difference between formal and informal communication, as well as how to ask for messages from angels. 

You will explore the process of preparing and receiving a message in detail. 

Together we will also learn how to ask for messages from the angels for themselves vs. others. 

By completing this class, you should be able to understand different types of communication, understand the different types of messages, and understand how to prepare to receive and interpret a message.
You Can Get Access To All This 
 For $14,000 Off!
Here's the deal. I'm opening the doors to a maximum of 15 people to get full and unrestricted access to my Angel School private curriculum. 

Keep in mind that 1000s of people have been influenced by my work and the regular price for this. (If it's in my highest level programs can be up to six figures.)

Even at a regular price to be able to connect at will with the angels this price is a steal. 

I'm going to tell you exactly why I'm doing this in just a moment but let's look at exactly what you're getting. 
Here's Everything You're Getting Today...
ANGEL SCHOOL – $10,000 
  • MODULE #1: Find Out Your Intuitive Superpowers!
  • MODULE #2: Avoid Failure And Frustration! Do This First!
  • MODULE #3: Exact Steps To Tune In!
  • MODULE #4: Required Tools You Don’t Have To Purchase
  • MODULE #5: Meet The Archangel Helping You Right Now!
  • ​MODULE #6: Discover Your Intuitive Superpowers
  • MODULE #7: What The Gut Instinct Is Really About!
  • MODULE #8: Here’s How You Just Know!
  • ​MODULE #9: Start Seeing The Angels!
  • ​MODULE #10: Hearing Your Name Called? You’re Not Crazy!
BONUSES – $6,000
  • BONUS #1: Archangel Chart (Value: $2,000)
  • BONUS #2: The Secrets Nobody Else Tells You! (Value: $2,000)
  • BONUS #3: How To Do A Real Reading! (Value: $2,000)
TOTAL VALUE - $16,000
So by now you must really be wondering why I’d offer this crazy amount of value.

Why Am I Doing This?
So the reason is because there's never been a program teaching people the methods and supporting them as they continue to practice their craft.

I found over the years that clients need ongoing mentorship when they're learning their gifts and especially to decipher the meaning, purpose and presentation of these messages. What a red scarf means to one person can mean a radically, radically different thing to someone else.

As I move towards starting my retreat center and bringing on more people to do readings alongside me, I won't have as much private time to do readings for people. 

So I want to give you an opportunity to learn now too.
Want Me To Show You Exactly How to Get Messages from the Angels? 
Angel School is an extremely intimate and exclusive program and you will receive:
 Angel Communication Class
– MODULE #1: Find Out Your Intuitive Superpowers!
– MODULE #2: Avoid Failure And Frustration! Do This First!
– MODULE #3: Exact Steps To Tune In!
– MODULE #4: Required Tools You Don’t Have To Purchase
– MODULE #5: Meet The Archangel Helping You Right Now!
– MODULE #6: Discover Your Intuitive Superpowers
– MODULE #7: What The Gut Instinct Is Really About!
– MODULE #8: Here’s How You Just Know!
​– MODULE #9: Start Seeing The Angels!
​– MODULE #10: Hearing Your Name Called? You’re Not Crazy!
 3 Exclusive Bonuses
– BONUS #1: Archangel Chart 
– BONUS #2: The Secrets Nobody Else Tells You! 
– BONUS #3: How To Do A Real Reading! 
 Two Live Q&A Group Calls
As a bonus, to support you even more, there will be a Q&A call where you can ask me anything.
How Much Does It Cost?
I will be honest with you. 

Part of the reason why I am pricing this so affordably is because some of you will want to move up into joining us in Certification and I can feel an army of angels that are awaiting all of us to move on. We need more people to have the skill set to be able to move things through.

So the first step is to learn how to do readings. If you only knew the changes I've seen in people's lives when they are able to save a son or talk to mother that's passed or hear from Archangel Michael at will. It will profoundly change your life. 

And that's the change that I want for you.

So What's Included In This One-Time Offer?
Here’s a quick re-cap of everything you'll get when you sign up today:
 Angel School Flagship Program’s Ten Modules
 3 Bonus Tools To Give You Exemplary Readings
 Two Live Q&A Group Calls
Imagine Having Me Personally Answer Your Questions…
I'm certain that timewise I should not be offering direct access to the Divine, but I don't know how to do this any other way. I feel totally compelled in this moment to provide what you need. 

And the readings with me are not currently available privately.

If you have questions that you need answered on your Q&A call, I will make that available to you if you sign up before the timer expires.
Be Quick... Because This Will Sell Out Fast!
The only other way to get access to these materials will be to enroll at the full investment by application only so please don't put this off and then send me an email asking you to enter the backdoor. The answer will be a polite No. 

So if you'd like to immediately receive $14,000 off of Angel School plus my priceless bonuses then my best advice is to go below right now to lock in your space. 
Do it now while it's fresh in your mind and while spaces are available.

When you click the link above, you'll immediately be taken to a secure online order form where you can enter your payment information and claim instant access to everything within five minutes. You'll immediately receive an email containing all your login information so you can get started right away. 

This really is the deal of a lifetime and I doubt that I'll ever be crazy enough to repeat this. 
Again, if you're seriously committed to hearing from the angels at the highest level, then grab access to this formative body of work that will show you exactly how to do readings for yourself and your loved ones. 

If it makes sense for you to do then go sign up right now using the order button above and I'll look forward to sending you everything.

See you on the other side! 

Still Not Sure?
If for some reason you're still on the fence about getting $14,000 off of Angel School then check out the feedback below. 

And then go ahead and lock in your spot!

"Best Decision I Ever Made"

“Certifying with Kourtney was the best decision I ever made. Just ask my husband :)”

Laura Warner,
Certified Reader

“Kourtney Is The Best."

“Kourtney is the best. No question. She delivers from a place that is beyond this world. Truly an angel.”

Barbara Ann Cochran,
Olympic Gold Medalist

"I Have Found The Mentorship Invaluable."

"Kourtney’s guidance is clear, simple, and loving. She and the angels work with you where you are at. She helped me see how I was already receiving information and how to expand on that. I have found the mentorship invaluable. "

Julisa Cully,
Certified Reader


“I was concerned about the cost, to be honest, and this over-delivered. Priceless.”

Founding Attorney

"Felt Like I'd Won The Lottery.”

“I felt like I'd won the lottery working with Kourtney!”

June Smolin

"There is NO-ONE like Kourtney.”

"There is NO-ONE like Kourtney that can access the Angels in the way that she does - and teach you how to access your gifts."

Yummii Nguyen,

"Teaching Who She Is!"

“I am taking Kourtney`s Angel Communication Course; she is teaching who she is.”

Ildiko Hall,
Medical Energy Healer

“I wouldn’t have my wife and children without you.”

Darius Barazandeh

“…a profound physical healing"

This angel/woman is a treasure beyond price.
I LOVE her. Give yourself this gift!”

Trinity Thomas

"I'm crying...tears of joy"

“I’m crying as I write this … tears of joy! Kourtney is amazing. She delivers.”

Lisa Thomas

"a direct connection with the divine"

“After working with Kourtney, I had my best year, ever, in my career… a direct connection with the divine and I trust no one better to connect you!”

Joanne Jester,

"...forever grateful to this angel on earth!”

“I’m shaking as I write this because it’s so difficult to put into mere words what you’ve brought to me (and many others). I’ve never felt more connected to my purpose, and there’s nobody who’s inspired me more! … forever grateful to this angel on earth!”

Tracie Miller-Colette,

I feel like I’m finally on the path to healing!

“After 25 years of suffering... I feel like I’m finally on the path to healing! Kourtney has helped me understand why my soul chose this particular path and how it relates to my purpose. I have received more clarity from her than any other... very grateful to have been able to work with her!”

Sarah Arai,

“Changed my life forever…

“Changed my life forever… the real deal. Absolutely amazing.”

Diane Barnes,

"You owe it to yourself!"

“Kourtney and her angels have never let me down. She is amazing, her energy is infectious, and she is a rare gift from God. You owe it to yourself and your life!”

Anna Allen

“...second to none.”

“...second to none.”

John Burgos

 "She's the best!"

“Her mediumship abilities are literally out of this world. She's the best!”

Chassidy Rana 

"and brings that gift to the world… one in a million!"

“Within six months, I was engaged. We got married six months after that and I've never been happier! Kourtney has a true connection with the angels, and brings that gift to the world… one in a million! Thank you!”

Dr Kayce Frye

"You're the best!”

“Thank you again for giving me hope and being by my side through this arduous, stressful journey! You're the best!”

Deb G.,
Quantum Healer

"ANGEL from Heaven."

“You're simply an amazing ANGEL from Heaven.”

Aracely Torres 


"Kourtney doesn't just communicate with Angels, she is an Angel! My first appointment with her was when I was having medical tests done that kept coming up inconclusive. Kourtney assured me right away it was nothing to worry about and even gave me a medical term she was hearing... after a final biopsy my Dr. told me it was nothing to worry about and the term he used was the one Kourtney gave me. I have been returning since that first session and she is always straight and true. She gives you the truth and then gives you support. AMAZING!!"

Shannon Roof

"She IS the real deal no doubt about it!"

"My mom encouraged me to have an appointment with Kourtney and I have continued going. She has been spot on with everything I asked and has even finished my questions/sentences. She has helped me expand with my abilities and helped me connect with my Angels. She IS the real deal no doubt about it!"

Austin Roof

"Exceeded Any And All Expectations!"

“Once I decided to work with Kourtney, the experience exceeded any and all expectations. She is a savvy strategic business coach that brings insight and spirituality to the work in a way that makes each and every client feel completely held and supported no matter what is going on in life.”

“She is an Angel!”


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